Like many, “Parents as Trainers” aka shortly PAT Luxembourg initiative believes that “learning by doing” is much more effective than “learning by reading “, “learning by listening”, and even “learning by watching (merely)”. Primarily, PAT is a unique forum where we try to establish an opportunity that parents engage the children during weekends. Secondly, parents we work on various fields (it could be on cars, it could be on logistics, it could be on software, it could be on plumbing). PAT extracts “Science” from Parents fields and inculcate the same into Children’s foundation education in the form of “Learning by doing”.

The first series of LBD s called “Science behind the wheels” – a 10 session topic that will take us to learn science fundamentals by building Cars. Children and ourselves going to construct DYI components to build electric cars, an autonomous car and alternative energy cars. As these cars are going to occupy the roads majorly when the kids are going to drive them in the future, let them build now to understand the magic of Science. We believe this first topic could create an opportunity to find their Elon Musk-s within them.

We launch our year 2020 program on 14 November 2020 and will run during the weekends, max a half day, considering not taking more time from their sports and other fun activities. We believe even the half a day is more fun to them as it involves more of “doing”, put in their term, “learning by playing”.