Vision & Values

The central vision of PATLUX Asbl is to help and integrate Parents and Children to learn fundamentals of Science and Mathematics in an innovative way. PAT initiative believes that innovative education methodologies such as “learning by doing” are much more effective process during fundamental and foundation education of children. PATLUX Asbl is a unique forum, which establishes an opportunity that Parents engage the children during weekends and their free time.

For any innovation in any field, Science and Mathematics remain indispensable needs. Parents are none other than the Professionals who work on various fields where these two topics are applied day-to-day work. The network of Parents supplies the unique value that it provides an applied method of understanding the basic concepts to their children under a playful environment. In addition to strong foundation on these topics, since the children are aware of “technological” advancements at young age, it enables to be “entrepreneurs” and “scientists” at earlier stage of their life. Each parent work in various fields and have various skill sets (it could be on cars, it could be on logistics, it could be on software, it could be on plumbing).

PATLUX Asbl extracts “Science” and “Mathematics” and “other learning streams” from parent’s fields of expertise and encourages and provides a platform to share and inculcate the same into Children’s foundation education in the form of “learning by doing”.

PAT is more successful when it covers as many numbers of fields as possible. The group consists of parents from various professional fields in Luxembourg. In addition, to cover larger audience with diverse cultural and language backgrounds, PAT requires more and more different professional backgrounds to strengthen the program objectives. This is a calculated challenge, which could be addressed effectively with the help of existing education eco-system in place in Luxembourg.