We read lot about machine learning algorithms everywhere. How about “human learning” ? What is the best possible algorithm in to “human learning” ? To learn “something”, a discovered method is to make others to learn called “teaching” / “training the neurons (machine learning terminology again)”. More the fresh neurons, more the efforts in “learning”, and interestingly that applies to both machines and humans.

PAT, the short form of Parents as Trainers is an non-profit initiative based out of Luxembourg and hence PATLUX which discovers the “algorithms” to which human can learn effectively and efficiently. Below are the algorithms one can think for “human learning”:

  1. Class room classical learning
  2. Story telling (Stories to convey messages)
  3. Gamification (Games to enable learning process)
  4. Learning by doing (DIY experiments)
  5. Reading books / articles / magazines / blogs oneself
  6. Visual contents like videos, animations, images etc.
  7. And etc.

PATLUX understands that each one has its own pros and cons.

Children are born eager to learn by doing. Learning becomes more fun when children do investigative jobs, applied research and more importantly they learn by  doing and exploring each subject of interest at their own individual pace. PATLUX Asbl objective is to become a catalyst in this process of learning for children.