Smart Robot Car

“Science behind the wheels series” of PAT Luxembourg attained the next interesting level. Modern day vehicle’s propulsions (the linear motion in Science term) are mostly controlled by electronics.

Children have built smart robot car and learnt the basics of electronic components such as resistor, capacitor, sensor, IC etc. As they have already constructed the motor and understood the electromagnetism, now they wanted to control the motor by these electronics components.

The car consisted of in-wheel motors that drive the wheels and what further fascinates them was wheels were controlled based on the sensor “photoresistor” input. The motor driver IC resembled what we call it in electric vehicle as “inverter control unit (motor control unit)” came as single unit. Now I am sure you guessed it right! Let us play around the motor driver IC by programming during next sessions. This completes the cycle isn’t it?

Science <–> Mechanical <–> Electronics <–> Programming.