Get Occupied!

Children face various types of problems during their education life. It could be of psychological or technical. Whatever the problem be, the easiest way to solve a problem is “getting occupied” by another problem. Sounds crazy right? In fact, it is not. PAT Luxembourg’s “learning by doing” workshop thinks that the problem means, “the problem we all love it” “the problem more fun to solve” “the problem that is a solution to another problem”.

Third session of “Science behind the wheels” was all about “Self-driving Cars” and “Solar Cars” a bit funny right for Children level? The main objective was to introduce the evolution of Cars, and to indoctrinate them the “history” to script the “future”. During previous weekends, children were building “wind cars” which is propelled by motors in turn energized by the battery. Now with the motors connected, they tend to understand the “sensors”, which detects and drives on a lane. The objectives in the session were how the energy stored is converted into linear motions. Interestingly the linear motion is now controlled, rather “programmed”.

Some group of children already started assembling “solar” cars, and unfortunately, the climate did not allow testing them. Looking forward a sunny weekend and children are eager to see their solar cars are moving. Besides, we will still need to complete the testing of “self-driving” cars. Also going ahead, building our own car parts (for example motors) that would create our own vehicles from the inspiration we drawn from off-the-shelf DYI components.