Science behind the wheels

We have had a beautiful Saturday; along with Children together, we explored the “Science behind the wheels” (Session 2). Whether a pure electric vehicle (EVs), Hybrid electric vehicle (HEVs), or Fuel cell EVs (the battery instead of fuel cell) the electric motor aka E-machine becomes the core component in the system. Whether it is a Car, or a two-wheeler, or a truck, which moves with the help of “alternative energy sources” to propel the system, uses electric motors.

The easy and cool way to understand energy conversion is to apply the same in a playful environment. The electrical energy sourced from battery is converted to mechanical energy by the motor that driven our “wind car” last weekend. Now the children along with the help of parents assembled motor model and deep dived into understanding the working principle of a motor. What a day it was! Children have raised plenty of questions than we thought, and we could see their passion for science. And what unanimously they said they are counting weekdays to experience every Saturday.